A monster in disguise. She had a clue. She had it in her feeling. She knew it right from the start.
That something wasn´t right.
Under her coveringquilt she could hide. A little girl. Felt something was wrong, but was to affraid to tell.
A secret was kept. A secret was buried. A long road to walk alone in the valley of thorns.
A constant struggle
to try to hide.
Loneliness was the only security. So young in a world built by so much falsehood. No one to feel secure with. No one to trust. She began to search.
Searching for happiness and for a place to fit. Murderers she found on her way. And she let themselves be fooled. Monster in disguise. She could not see. They injured her in any way. And she allowed them to. She felt no value. No reason to live. She was a disguised monster. As she herself felt. It was serious and no one was there to save her. Today she is an angel in heaven, without any grief. Without any fear. May God take good care of her and watch over her. Let no one ever again put his hands on her body and ever again crush her dreams. She was too young to live so hard. And no one deserves to die this way.

Gör skillnad. Öppna upp dina ögon. Alla kan rädda liv. Om vi hjälps åt.


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